Wednesday, Sept. 5

* Kristen Céré, Nadia Neiazy and the MSO at Quartiers Dances Festival
* OUMF kicks off
* Gothico Exotico at Ausgang
+ more music, film, art, theatre and comedy events.

Friday, July 24

* Food, drink, music & film at Marché des Possibles
* Biannual sale at Atelier B
* Kevin Hart plays the Bell Centre as part of Just for Laughs
* Big-time actors read The Big Lebowski at Olympia
* DJs and synth bands play the MEG festival
* Get Nice hip hop night at Blizzarts

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Thursday, August 15

* Read the Rant Line™!
* Mascara & Popcorn Black Carpet event
* Scissor That Pride edition at the Phoenix
* Stand-Up at the M
* No Trap at Blue Dog Motel
* Pervers/Cité edition of POMPe

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