Sunday, April 27

* Montreal Etsy present the Montreal Handmade Fair
* Top Girls at Segal
* DJ Solespin at the Hip Hop Café
* Distroboto comic & zine party at Cheval Blanc
* Moderat play Metropolis

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Wednesday, May 8

* Distroboto launch at NDQ!
* Classic Bollywood at Cinéma du Parc
* Jessica Moss Lightbox vernissage
* Sight & Sound festival launches at Eastern Bloc
* Vicious Circles opens at MainLine
* Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
* Lodge Kerrigan’s Keane at Cinémathèque

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Punk legends who should be mercy-killed

One of the best bands ever emits a massive turd of a record and should probably be taken behind the barn and shot. PLUS CKUT turns 25, there’s a new Trigger Effect record, NDQ gets a Distroboto, Bloodshot Bill plays in the afternoon and a true-blue soul man comes to town.

Tuesday, Feb. 19

* Distroboto 5 à 7 in the East End
* Geneviève Castrée launches new graphic novel
* War Witch filmmakers pre-Oscar party
* Rock Forest CD launch at Casa
* Baked Goods and friends at Divan

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Wednesday, Dec. 12

* Sale of artisan foodie stuff at La QV
* Dario Argento double bill at Cagibi
* Akufen EP launch at Laïka
* Urban Talesopens at Centaur
* Local indie-pop quadruple bill at Quai des Brumes
* Experimental improv throwdown at Casa

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