Friday, March 15

* Student climate change walkout
* Baltic Club warehouse sale
* Alex Zhang Hungtai at la Vitrola
* Groove Nation 3rd anniversary
* Step Aside at Maison 2109

Wednesday, Sept. 19

* Hip Hop You Don’t Stop begins
* Socalled plays free show at Parc metro
* Triptyque opens Red Bull Music Festival
* Molly Drag plays KickDrum Backyard Sessions show
* LGBTQ election debate

Today’s Sounds: EXPWY

We’re not quite there yet, but we’ve come perilously close to the end of summer.
Thankfully, the third release of this calendar year from prolific local composer Matt LeGroulx (known as EXPWY, which you can pronounce as either Expressway or Expweeee, as some faulty GPS devices might) is a fresh slice of lo-fi tropical bliss that will evoke the same serene imagery in the dead of winter as it does right now.
From bigger names like Ariel Pink to a growing list of Montreal-based artists (Dirty Beaches, Each Other), there are more than a few individuals unreliably narrating our faint memories of AM Gold. Surf, psychedelic and bossa nova get their due here, but instead of precise facsimiles, LeGroulx presents them through a grainy, sepia-toned filter, so the final result is more akin to a hazy recollection. The slow-paced jingles recall my trip to Carillon beach as a child (now Parc Voyageur), sitting in the backseat and barely able to hear Oldies 990 on the radio due to the windows being rolled down.

Dirty Beaches meets Femminielli

Los Escuadrones de la Muerte have yet to play a show have no recorded material available to listen to, but given the respective pedigrees of the newly minted band’s three members, they’re worth watching out for. The “Death Squad” will be popping its concert cherry tonight.

Thursday, Aug. 9

* New Rant Line™
* Fantasia’s final day
* Entre Nymphes and Nerfs vernissage
* Skate or Die film series
* Comedy and hip hop at Underworld
* Weird and wonderful sounds at Casa

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