What a digital baroque opera looks like

On Saturday, the Montreal Baroque Festival and Pop Montreal co-presented a unique musical spectacle by local artists Party Like It’s 1699: Le Pop d’Époque, with music by Mozart’s Sister, Majical Cloudz and Syngja. Photographer Cindy Lopez captured some scenes from the digitized fantasy theatre performance.

Gigs broadcast for the poor, lazy & remote

If you dug Couchella, Boiler Room TV invites you to party with hipsters around the world — and now even here in Montreal — from the comfort of home. Here’s how last night’s local debut went over.

Nine bands you need to see at M for Montreal

M for Montreal’s seventh edition runs today and through Saturday, and although the showcases happening tonight and tomorrow night are sold out, there’s plenty to see in the afternoon and on the weekend. Here’ a list of M 2012 bands that our music team is losing bodily fluids to. Bring a change of underwear, seriously.