Friday, Dec. 14

* Try Rebel Chocolates at Crew
* Xmas concert at Jardins Gamelin
* Rad Dads benefit concert
* Folly and the Hunter at Bar le Ritz
* Synthwave at Bar Le Shop
* Trapped in Elon’s Mansion

Thursday, July 30

* Woman x Women vernissage at Station 16
* Satanic Panic: Pop-Cultural Paranoia in the 1980s book launch at Drawn & Quarterly
* Montreal’s Metropolitan Orchestra plays the Mount Royal Lookout
* Osheaga launch party with Joey Bada$$, Tommy Kruise, the Yardlets and more
* Pat Jordache album launch at Bar le Ritz PDB
* The MEG festival continues with a Lisbon Lux Records showcase

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Thursday, Nov. 27

* John Huston’s The Misfits screens at the Phi Centre
* Gitanjali Jain Serrano and David Ryshpan launch a record at la Vitrola
* Bilingual play Hroses: Outrage à la raison at Théâtre aux Écuries
* Electro/IDM artist Das Mörtal launches an EP at Foonzo
* Party to celebrate issue #2 of Montreal zombie apocalypse comic Z’Isle

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