Sunday, Dec. 28

* Shine Dancewear’s annual one-day shoe sale
* Bloodshot Bill & the Hickups unplugged rockabilly at Quai des Brumes
* LOL2014 stand-up show at the Comedy Nest feat. Joey Elias, Dan Bingham & more
* Keep It 100 DJ night at Mme Lee, feat. Truspin, Sagewondah & more

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Fringe for All

Rachel Levine reports back from the Fringe-for-All with her top picks for this year’s Fringe Festival.

Saturday, Nov. 24

* Expovente @ Art Lab
* Beatboxer X-WAM
* Julie Morstad book launch
* Jai Bhim Comrade @ Cinema Politica
* Disappeared @ Infinithéâtre
* Cult MTL DJs Atomic Applebaum
* No More Radio podcast network launch
* Elevator DJ night @ CFC

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On Stage

A round-up of what’s happening this week in theatre, dance and performance.