Monday, Oct. 22

* Zero Waste Week at Concordia
* Vintage Stories wine event at Phi Centre
* “Maria par Cellas” at Cinéma du Musée
* Cinema Politica: You Are On Indian Land and Ôtênaw
* Ex-Shaman at Cinéma du Parc

Monday, Oct. 15

* “Sorry to Bother You” at Dollar Cinema
* Korean consulate vernissage
* McGill LGBT History Month screens “120 battements par minute”
* Teesri Dunya Theatre conference on cultural appropriation
* The Oh Sees and The Pottery at le National
* Slut Island presents Wizard Apprentice and Bedroom Witch

Wednesday, Oct. 10

* Striking Memories student strike exhibit at Concordia Library
* Wapikoni Mobile at FNC
* Habib Siam and others do comedy at Bishop & Bagg
* Elsiane plays Sala Rossa

Monday, Feb. 8

* Oscar-nominated shorts at Cinéma du Parc
* Massimadi Film Festival’s affiliated exhibition United Within Diversity
* Indigenous Community, Resistance and Media panel discussion
* Cinema Politica launches First Peoples, First Screens series
* Cozyfest acoustic show at Concordia
* The Olivanders play Barfly

Sunday, Nov. 22

* Haut + Fort artisan & design market at Concordia
* Les Petites Manies pop-up shop
* NO EXP Comfort Flight .2 party with bands at 820Plaza
* Rosemont’s Das Bier marks 400th anniversary of Grolsch
* Ambient Art Night at Bad Lunch
* Fiver and Butcher Boy play Bar le Ritz PDB

Wednesday, Nov. 11

* Radical Research Week events at Concordia
* Screening of NFB films about Little Burgundy
* Architecture exhibit opens at Centre de Design de l’UQAM
* An Iliad begins at MainLine Theatre
* L.A. psych band Wand plays le Ritz
* Plaisirs Sonores deep house night at Salon Daomé

Saturday, April 18

* Record Store Day!
* Landry & Filles + Larue & Fils = Cabane à Sucre on wheels
* Richie Hawtin lectures at Concordia and plays New City Gas
* One-day exhibit ¿Que mas hay? by Rodolfo Moraga at White Wall Studio
* Notre Dame des Quilles 3rd anniversary bash
* Peach Kelli Pop plays at l’Escogriffe

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