WTF: The rest of the week in news

Wondering WTF happened this week in Montreal? Yeah, us too. We’ve got CAQ leader François Legault talking Bill 14, more Pope news and an outcry about fighting in hockey. Oh, and a major post-pastagate resignation.

Quebec, Ink — Vote for yourself

A lot of Quebec anglos are facing a dilemma today. Like most Quebecers, we want to see change in our government, to toss the Charest Liberals out on their asses for reasons too numerous to list here.

The final stretch

Well, we’re nearing the end of this thing (huzzah!), and last night, Parti Québécois leader and frontrunner Pauline Marois made one thing eminently clear: She wants to turn Quebecinto a country. And she’ll need a majority government to do it.

Critical election issue: time off work

It wouldn’t be an election in 2012 without satirical Twitter accounts, now, would it? Today we get the comedy ball rolling with the man the Globe and Mail called “Quebec’s Eliot Ness,” CAQ candidate Jacques Duchesneau.