Monday, April 8

* 21 musical swings in QdS
* Wine and cheese at McGill music school
* Ursula Le Guin doc at Cinema Politica
* Myers-Briggs bio at True Reads book club
* Moon Nite Groov at Cabaret Berlin

Thursday, April 4

* Montreal Printed Art Festival
* Pridehacks 2019
* Earl Sweatshirt at Corona
* CJLO Heavy Metal night at Turbo Haüs
* Gulfer at Casa

Friday, March 29

* CJLO audio workshop
* Hip Hop Basics Showcase
* Dress up party
* Misa Negra at Local Legends
* Super fête at Grand Quai du Vieux Port
* Cliché at Cabaret Berlin

Monday, Oct. 29

* Minding the Future AI Symposium
* Raw Wine week at Manitoba
* CJLO’s “Fun(ding) drive” Spooky Trivia Night at Ye Olde Orchard
* A Place to Bury Strangers play Théâtre Fairmount

Tuesday, June 26

*Final week of Lala Raščić’s performance residency at la Centrale Galerie Powerhouse
*19th edition of the digital art festival Elektra
*Trannavision:Jurassic Park
*CJLO screens Wes Anderson’s film Rushmore
*Charlotte Gainsbourg plays pre-Jazz Fest show

Thursday, Dec. 24

* What’s open & closed on Xmas Eve
* Grévin wax museum
* Christmas Village at TOHU
* Noël Gon’ Be A’RIGHT on CJLO
* Jingle Bellz DJ night at Peopl
* Noisefloor Christmas party at Salon Daomé

Monday, Sept. 28

* SAT’s Foodlab launches Monday-night dinner parties
* Another Word for Gender panel at Concordia
* Atlanta metalcore band Norma Jean plays le Ritz
* CJLO hosts an all-music edition of trivia night at Ye Olde Orchard
* $ucka Free Mondays DJ night moves to Blizzarts