Saturday, Aug. 18

*Amour Is Love conference with Fariha Róisín
*Citizen Vintage holds monthly studio sale
*Cartoonist Georgia Webber launches new comic collection
*HER Montreal Pride Party

Thursday, Aug. 2

*27th edition of Festival des Arts de Saint-Sauveur
*Garage Club concert series with Petra Glynt and Copcarbonfire
*Spilt Milk opening party at Citizen Vintage Plateau
*Witch Mountain with Nightwitches and Pink Cocoon at la Vitrola
*Male Privilege, a drag king extravaganza

Thursday, July 5

*Atmosph’Air sur la Plaza sidewalk sale and live music
*Mile End boutique Citizen Vintage vernissage
*Mokina plays Bar le Ritz with Maryze and Mouth Breather.
*Garage Club: a free experimental-show series
*Montreal Jazz Fest Day 9

Thursday, May 24

*Nano MUTEK, a dance party
*Girls in the Garage collective art show
*Jesuslesfilles LP launch
*VISIONS experimental film screening
*Telepathic Lover art show at Citizen Vintage
*Tacos, Tattoos, and live music

Thursday, Oct. 8

* Jaco Van Dormael’s The Brand New Testament opens the Festival du nouveau cinéma
* Citizen Vintage window display launch party with live music and brew
* La Nuit MPM art, cocktails and music at Parisian Laundry
* #LECYPHER 1st anniversary edition at le Bleury Bar à Vinyle
* Rodney Ramsey headlines (and makes a comedy record) at ComedyWorks
* Montreal band Reversing Falls return to the stage at Bar le Ritz PDB

Sunday, July 26

* Serve charity beach volleyball tournament
* Goal charity soccer tournament
* Colt Renfrew vintage clothing pop-up shop
* Citizen Vintage studio sale
* BurlesGeek, video games edition
* The Nasty Show finale & Norm MacDonald gala at Just for Laughs

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Thursday, Jan. 15

* Hoodrow launch party at Instock Showroom
* Citizen Vintage launches Tour
* Montreal Confidential presents Reenacted News at the Wiggle Room
* Shash’U hosts Jeudi #TBT at Grenade
* LGBT dance party POMPe at Katacombes

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Thursday, June 26

* Cinema Politica at Encuentro
* Citizen Vintage celebrate their 3-year anniversary
* RIDM presents Michel Gondry’s Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?
* Glam Gam’s Turning Tricks at Café Cléopâtre
* The Jazz Fest begins with Woodkid

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Thursday, October 3

* Read the Rant Line™
* LaLaYeah collection launch
* Adam Waito launches NINJA FACTS
* Emily Southwood book launch at Librairie D&Q
* The Wall at Cinema Excentris
* Parkland at the PHI Centre
* Nine Inch Nails play the Bell Centre
* Obits at Il Motore
* Dirty Talk monthly dance party at Playhouse

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