Wednesday, Dec. 20

* Boucle Magazine launch issue two
* Cirque du Soleil’s Crystal
* Drunken Cinema MTL screens Batman Returns
* Canailles with the Blaze Velluto Collection and DJ Raven

Montreal cops in action

The SPVM classes it up, condos overwhelm the city, James Cameron joins the circus & more in our news round-up.

Today’s Sounds: Slim Twig

If you had to place Slim Twig geographically, based solely on his sound, you’d certainly choose Montreal over Toronto. Much more specifically, he sounds like a Prairies refugee in a decrepit Mile End apartment building, sharing paper-thin walls with Sean Nicholas Savage and ¡Flist!
He’s always sounded a lot like a belle provincer. Back in 2008, he was making the kind of strobe-lit electro-rockabilly that got him booked (by me, incidentally) at a local David Lynch theme night. Now he’s audibly backed by an actual band — guitars, organ, piano, drums, back-up vocals — and while the whole package is somehow tighter, more focused and more accessible, it’s also deliberately, gleefully weird and as loose as a wizard sleeve.

Raging for a cause

By now, most of us are familiar with Yelp, the site that offers user-penned reviews of all manner of businesses and services, from barbers to bail bondsmen. Now 10 months old, the service’s local arm, Yelp Montreal,, is off to a healthy start. Community manager Risa Dickens, who handles the English side of the site’s affairs, is throwing her baby a birthday party this Saturday, with the aim of helping 11 non-profit organizations.