Pitbull put down

Wicca the pitbull has been euthanized. Despite efforts from her owner and supporters to save her life up until the very last minute, Wicca was killed last night at the Berger Blanc pound following a failed legal battle against a City of Montreal death order.

Despite protest, dog destruction order upheld

Supporters of Wicca the pitbull are not giving up the fight to save the dog from death row. A hastily organized rally last night outside borough offices of Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension officials saw Wicca’s owner, Chris Papakostas, joined by over 50 animal lovers and their dogs.

In dogged pursuit of justice

A Montreal pitbull owner says he’s prepared to take on City Hall to save his dog’s life. Chris Papakostas was ordered to euthanize his dog, Wicca, following a June 7 incident in Parc-Extension.