Wednesday, Feb. 6

* Striptease meets theatre in Cinderellas at MainLine
* Georges Franju doc at Cinémathèque
* Chris Barry and James Clutch spin at Bleury Bar à Vinyle
* NOIA and Magmatic at Divan Orange
* Kosisochukwu Nnebe vernissage at O Patro Vys

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Planting the Flag

Dead Kennedys and Black Flag bring on reunion blues, PLUS the rock ‘n’ roll, punk and metal shows and DJ gigs you need to see this week, from Ty Segall to Yo la Tengo, Scorpions (pre-lameness-era) to Macheen.

Wednesday, Jan. 16

* Miriam Lanail vernissage
* 60-second performances at Concordia
* Denis Côté launches screening series
* Jan Fabre and Lisbeth Gruwez’s political choreography
* MTL punk legend Chris Barry spins discs with James Clutch
* Contemporary flamenco piece HomoBLABLAtus
* Gong Show Giveaway!

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All-you-can-eat Saturdays

Local bands launch records, close chapters, occupy new venues and play for the benefit of a hurricane-ravaged record label. Plus: the DJ debut of a former Mirror colleague and MTL punk legend and 2013’s first truly stacked Saturday night.