RIP Radio-Canada

Why did Radio-Canada change its name — er, rebrand itself — as ICI? Your guess is as good as ours.

Friday, Feb. 1

* Second Floor opening party
* Sound and Dissent
* Quatro at Divan Orange
* Jay Baruchel on Homerun
* Fresca Luna vernissage
* BBAM! b-day
* Last day to submit to Made in Montreal short film fest

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Saturday, Dec. 15

* Puces Pop
* The Mews Designer Sale
* Les Stars vs. Les Boys
* Messiah sing-along
* Annual Christmas TV Trash Party
* Blood Money 2 art sale
* Turtle Caps: NYC to MTL art sale
* Music Is My Sanctuary’s Best of 2012

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Sunday, Dec. 9

* Final day of Smart Design Mart
* CBC Christmas Sing-In
* The Cannes Lions ads @ Cinéma du Parc
* The Faint, Trust and Icky Blossoms @ Club Soda
* Pink Mountaintops, Nordic Nomadic and Holy Oak @ Casa

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Review: Jonathan Goldstein’s New Memoir

In his humorous new memoir I’ll Seize the Day Tomorrow, Jonathan Goldstein suggests that adulthood is something that we stumble into blindly, the result of living one chaotic day after another.


Earlier today, the CAQ’s François Legault tried currying favour with the Quebec electorate by promising he’d make like Bob Barker and hand out a doctor to every resident. (And, perhaps, a BRAND NEW CAR!) (That’s not actually true.)