Market Share — Salty language? Sacre bleu!

Not to shill, but the little container of Mallorcan Flor de Sal d’Estrenc (with black olives), with its tasteful packaging and earthy aroma, delighted me instantly. And when I discovered how easily it could be incorporated into meals — a sprinkle on a caramelized mushroom and onion pizza, a decorative dash on a simply grilled fish — it became this summer’s go-to seasoning.

Montreal pride in pictures

Photographers Owain Harris and Jessica Nudo hit the streets over the weekend and captured the souls (OK, maybe just images) of those who helped make Montreal Pride more colourful than any flag or rainbow.  

Consensus-building in the ‘hood

Wither the student strike? With nightly protests on ice and casserole concerts quieted, a loose assembly of local groups wants to ensure the movement doesn’t fade as a provincial election looms.