Quebec Election 2018 cheat sheet

Cult’s Rob Jennings offers up a comprehensive and non-biased overview of the upcoming provincial election with a focus on what it all might mean to Montrealers.

Goodbye, fair GND

The unthinkable has happened: Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, quite possibly the dreamiest young man ever to act as spokesperson for a hard-line student association (<3), has left CLASSE. His sole regret in abandoning his post is doing so while mortal enemy Jean Charest is in power. Where do we go from here?

Don’t like your voting options? Fuck ‘em all

On Wednesday, Quebec Premier Jean Charest caught no one by surprise when he called a provincial election for Sept. 4. Most voters have likely already made up their minds as to how they’ll be voting, including those who don’t plan on casting a vote at all.