Thursday, Feb. 19

* Montréal en Lumière begins. Free cheese!
* MTL ZOO vernissage, feat. work by two dozen Montreal artists
* Swans play le National
* Underground Comedy Railroad at Comedyworks
* #Bootyism DJ night, Chinese New Year edition, at Korova
* POMPe LGBT dance party at Katacombes

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Art this week

Black History heritage, extraction ecologies, street artists, found object sculptures, fiery household dystopias and dazzling Montreal photography are all in store for you and more in this week’s arts scene.

Tuesday, Dec. 2

* 21st century pop art auction at Iegor Auction House
* #gamergate: online exclusion, real world hate art performance at Artère
* The Book of Mormon begins its six-day run at Place des Arts
* Shtreiml and Ismail Fencioglu launch Eastern Hora at Casa del Popolo
* Dancing Bord-Dalot with DJ László at Notre Dame des Quilles

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