Best of MTL 2014: Food & Drink

And here we have everyone’s favourite section of the Best of MTL survey, the one that makes mouths water as we fill in the ballot, and drool as we scan the results. This year we introduced the Best Chef category, because at least half a dozen chefs in this town are well known enough for […]

Best of MTL 2014

Best of MTL 2014 Once again, Montreal has spoken. In April, Cult MTL readers and other savvy citizens voted for the local things they love and respect. We’ve got to thank everyone who voted, and those who helped us get out the vote, whether for their own purposes or simply as a way to spread […]

Best of MTL 2014: Goods & Services

Voters demonstrated their deep loyalty to their hairdressers, tattoo artists, yoga instructors and masseurs, as seemingly every Montrealer employed in those fields appeared in our results. Only the select few you see here got enough votes to make the cut, so these magicians in hair, ink, asanas and deep-tissue must really know their shit. There […]

Best of MTL 2014: Film & Arts

Jay, Jessica and Xavier rule the film/TV scene once more, and this is hardly surprising given Baruchel’s lead role in the universally loved all-star comedy This Is the End, our continuing fascination with Mad Men (co-starring Paré) as it reaches its inevitably bitter end and Mr. Dolan’s ever-prolific M.O. New to the art scene is […]

Best of MTL 2014: Music

Montreal may not be making as much sweet noise internationally these days as it once did, but passion for local bands, producers and DJs at all levels runs as high as ever in this town. There are lots of new names on this list, and even at the top of some categories, like DJ F.U.N.K., […]

Best of MTL 2014: Nightlife

So much love for le Belmont, the top nightclub on the Main, and for LGBT/hipster-oriented Notre Dame des Quilles up in Mile Ex (technically Petite-Patrie). Datcha’s new to Club list as it’s new to the city, but the cozy club on Laurier clearly has loads of loyal patrons already. As for our new category in […]

Best of MTL 2014: Media

Mutsumi and her network reign supreme once again, as does CKUT 90.3FM, its host Nick Schofield (full disclosure: he’s one of our music critics!) and his show, the CKUT legacy program Underground Sounds. New to this category this year are the folks from City TV, Breakfast Television co-host Joanne Vrakas (formerly of CBC and MusiquePlus) […]

Best of MTL 2014: People & Places

Ah yes, #qc2014. Quite a few of the winners in these categories reflect the timing of this year’s Best of MTL voting period with the provincial election, and to some degree they reflect our audience’s political leanings — there’s a lot of love for Québec solidaire, and hate for Pauline Marois and Philippe Couillard and […]