Tuesday, Feb. 26

* LGBTQ/Massimadi film shots
* Queer Sci-fi at le Ritz
* D’un espace à l’autre at the SAT
* Rodney Ramsey comedy at Piranha
* Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma

Saturday, Feb. 16

* Black History Month blood drive
* Le Couleur at Théâtre Outremont
* TaBURNak! Burning Man party
* St-Valentech afterhours
* Aphex Twin dance party at le Ritz
* MPU Drag Extravaganza

Sunday, Feb. 10

* Rainbow Story Hour at Drawn and Quarterly
* Black Girl Bliss at Ausgang
* 50th anniversary of Congrès des écrivains noirs de Montréal
* Alien at Cinéma de Sève
* Marin Patenaude at Casa

Monday, Feb. 8

* Oscar-nominated shorts at Cinéma du Parc
* Massimadi Film Festival’s affiliated exhibition United Within Diversity
* Indigenous Community, Resistance and Media panel discussion
* Cinema Politica launches First Peoples, First Screens series
* Cozyfest acoustic show at Concordia
* The Olivanders play Barfly

Friday, March 6

* The Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates speaks about race and reparations at McGill
* Cheap Thrillz, Mad Skillz vernissage at Café l’Artiste Affamé
* Art Matters festival opening party with live music & more
* San Francisco indie/psych act Moon Duo plays Bar le Ritz PDB
* Party & Radical Queer Semaine fundraiser at Cabaret Playhouse

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