Tuesday, May 14

* Verdun gets a Benelux — go get wasted!
* Free Burger Day at Burger Bar
* Semaine du vélo urbain fetes ladies on bikes
* Translated comics launch @ D&Q
* Can-punks HGM and Vomit Squad at Barfly

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A beer by any other name

Brettanomyces used to be a pox on brewers’ batches, but now it’s joined the beer fermentation party. Here’s the scoop on this “wild” beer.

On Tap — Get your cask on

This weekend, Benelux takes on cask ale at a veritable cask ale festival. Here, On Tap writer Sean O’Hara enumerates the reasons why you should try it and love it.

On tap: Now’s the season for saison

While it may seem untimely to discuss a beer style associated with finer weather as the summer draws to a close, I’d still like to draw attention to a style of beer that is perfectly suited to quashing summer thirst: saison.