Art this week

Robotically animated pelts, nearly edible consumer goods, trippy illustrated guitars and more in the arts scene this week

Art this week

Black History heritage, extraction ecologies, street artists, found object sculptures, fiery household dystopias and dazzling Montreal photography are all in store for you and more in this week’s arts scene.

Art this week

Several artists talks, Concordia’s undergraduate art history conference and a slate of vernissages round out this week’s arts activities.

On the walls: art you need to see this week

While most of the galleries were closed over the summer, the drought has officially ended with a deluge of new shows, gallery openings and vernissages this week. Here are a few you should know about.

On the Walls: the week in fine arts

A roundup of what’s happening in visual arts and design this week in Montreal: new shows by Nicolas Ruel, Étienne Trembley Tardif and Barbara Rosenthal and an interactive music exhibit at the Montreal Science Centre.