Saturday, Oct. 17

* Green Room screens as part of Festival du nouveau du cinéma
* Les Canadiennes women’s hockey team season opener
* Phenomena Festival presents POD~the musical
* Sean Nicholas Savage record launch at Bar le Ritz PDB
* KEN Mode plays Turbo Haus

Monday, May 26

* Table of Hope at Windsor Station
* Kurt Vile and the Violators play the Corona Theatre
* There’s Something Funny Going On at Blue Dog
* Ari Swan, Panachrome and l’Appel du Vide live at la Sala Rossa

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Saturday, Aug. 4

* Art Pop fundraiser with bands, beer, posters
* Osheaga’s only not-sold-out day
* Jennifer Lynch in Despite the Gods at Fantasia
* Hot Sauce, for ladies
* MEG Boat!
* Starvin Hungry return

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