Monday, September 9

* NDQ Drink ‘n’ Draw
* Lundi Grindhouse at Rockette Bar
* The Spectacular Now & Only God Forgives at the PHI Centre
* Drones Club fundraiser at Sala Rossa
* Destruction Unit at Turbo Haus
* There’s Something Funny Going On at Blue Dog
* Get your TEDxMontreal After-party tickets

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Situation normal still fucked up

Punk novelist/biographer Chris Walter should be considered a Canadian treasure. After I first sunk my fangs into his 2005 novel No Chance Bar and Grill, it was obvious to me that the man knew his way around a keyboard. What he lacked in finesse, he easily made up for with true grit and words that […]

Wednesday, Aug. 1

* Jonathan Peterson’s “Crawling Reality”
* The Mile End Orchestrole
* Highlight on Montréal Fashion Week
* Blues Control at Il Motore
* Origins of the Dark Knight at Fantasia

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Fear of festivals, love of Blues Control

The new Blues Control release Valley Tangents has been a daily listening ritual for me since I first scooped it up a couple of weeks ago, and the live translation should really lift these psyched/jazzed-out jams up high. Lea Cho’s Dave Brubeck/Stan Getz-esque piano lets loose a cluster of chords on opening track “Love’s a Rondo” (à la turk?) as Russ Waterhouse’s guitar and synths know when to careen and lead the charge, and when to just lay back and fill in all the holes.