Sunday, March 17

* St. Patrick’s Day Parade
* Apreski party at Pente à Neige
* Once Upon a Time in America at the CInémathèque
* D&D night at Turbo Haüs
* Jungle at MTELUS
* All Them Witches at l’Astral

Saturday, March 9

* Silent auction at Lopez MTL gallery
* Teenage Fanclub at Petit Campus
* Claire Coupland at Rocket Science Room
* Anna plays SAT
* Nordic pop at Bar le Ritz
* Scuff afterhours

Tuesday, Feb. 19

* Festival Filministes programme unveiling
* Arkells at MTELUS
* Alex Pycke at Burrito Borracho
* Enter the Void at the Cinémathèque
* To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar at le Ritz

Friday, Feb. 8

* Kallitechnis at le Ministère
* Vox Sambou at O Patro Vys
* Tupi Collective at Sala Rossa
* Speakerbox at Blue Dog
* Mike Larry and Alex Pycke at Salon Daomé
* Britney Spears dance party at le Ritz