One-Night Stand

Cult MTL is proud to introduce One-Night Stand, a new series chronicling your impromptu sleepovers. To get things started, we give you the girl who brought home a dude who was into dudes.

Wednesday, Aug. 22

* Vernissage of Les Plumes du PHOENIX, group show by Lebanese women artists
* Marina Abramovic doc returns to Parc
* NFB shorts at NDG Arts Week
* Punk rock book launch… on Crescent Street!

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Situation normal still fucked up

Punk novelist/biographer Chris Walter should be considered a Canadian treasure. After I first sunk my fangs into his 2005 novel No Chance Bar and Grill, it was obvious to me that the man knew his way around a keyboard. What he lacked in finesse, he easily made up for with true grit and words that […]