Thursday, Aug. 6

* Maëstro interactive installation at Place des Festivals
* Under Pressure presents Vinyl Exploration at Théâtre Sainte Catherine
* Séripop performance at the Darling Foundry
* Ducktails plays Casa del Popolo
* Île Soniq pre-party with DJ MK at Théâtre Fairmount
* Pervers/Cité kicks off with Mz. Van Horne at Brasserie Beaubien

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Art this week

Vernissages, conferences and art parties coming at you all weekend long in Montreal’s arts scene.

The Pink Noise’s time is now

While throngs of local rock ’n’ roll groups stagnate in Dep City, opting for partying over performing, Mark Sauner maintains a sense of direction.
“We want to do this next record, and we want to get it on a label,” he says. “We’ve been working hard on these songs, and we want to have really good production and bring all our talents together.”
Sauner is the frontman and founder of local weirdos the Pink Noise, a group lovingly dubbed “the most nihilistic band in Montreal” by AIDS Wolf (RIP) singer Chloe Lum.