Thursday, Jun 13 , 8 p.m. to Saturday, Jun 28 , 12:30 a.m.

Discover MTLCOMEDYCLUB: Montreal’s Premier Comedy Destination!

Welcome to MTLCOMEDYCLUB, the top spot for comedy enthusiasts in Montreal, Canada! Imagine strolling through Montreal’s lively streets, filled with excitement and energy. Suddenly, you come across one of our renowned venues, tucked away in a cozy corner or situated in the bustling city center. As you walk in, you’re met with the lively buzz of anticipation, the smell of fresh coffee, and the sound of clinking glasses in a trendy bar.

At MTLCOMEDYCLUB, we believe comedy has no limits. That’s why we feature a diverse lineup of comedians ready to make you laugh until it hurts. Whether you love sharp stand-up, hilarious improv, or witty sketch comedy, we have something for everyone. Our comedians come from various backgrounds, offering unique perspectives and funny stories that make each show special.

MTLCOMEDYCLUB is not just about the laughs—it’s about the experience. With shows at various venues throughout the city, every visit is an adventure into Montreal’s vibrant cultural scene. Whether you’re in a quaint cafĂ©, a stylish cocktail lounge, or a historic theater, you’re guaranteed a night of unforgettable entertainment.

Don’t wait! Bring your friends, mark your calendars, and join us at MTLCOMEDYCLUB for an evening of laughter and fun. In a world that can be too serious, we all need a good laugh.

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Date and Time

Thursday, Jun 13 , 8 p.m. to Saturday, Jun 28 , 12:30 a.m.

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Montreal, QC