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3 books, 3 authors, 3 journeys of discovery

3 books, 3 authors, 3 journeys of discovery

Friday, Apr 5 , 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Montreal signing of 3 Quebec books acclaimed internationally

Quebec writers gain another literary success with positive international appraisal of three works published by Untimely Books, Colorado – to be showcased at Indigo, Place Montreal Trust, 5pm-7pm, Friday April 5.

Based in Quebec City and the Eastern Townships, the three authors will attend the signing event to discuss their books and reviews published in North America, India and Australia:

PLENUM– By Dr. Geoffreyjen Edwards, astrophysicist & futurologist

“A young star gardener embarks on a religious pilgrimage in this debut space opera. Edwards not only creates a rich world, but renders it in vivid, lyrical prose as well. A poetic and wondrous SF tale that grapples with gender and faith.” – Kirkus Reviews

ULFHILDR – By Mary Thaler, microbiologist & medievalist

“If you love Tolkien, badass female protagonists, Norse mythology, poetry, and/or hauntingly lovely illustrations, you’re gonna love this! … a total delight.” – Goodreads

KEY TO THE HIGHWAY By Richard Andrews, journalist, lecturer & traveller

“Stride ahead, seekers of the adventurous life. All is revealed through the lexis of moods, curves, imagination, sensations and fantasies as Richard Andrews gives you his Key to the Highway…a sense of something other, another place and time, a listicle or myths and truths.” 

– Musicunplugged, India


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Friday, Apr 5 , 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.


Indigo, Saint-Catherine Street West, Westmount, QC