Appreciating Claude Cormier

“Montreal is richer today because of Claude Cormier, who passed away on Sept. 15 at the age of 63. He created whimsy — and over the course of his career helped transform our urban environment in ways that will likely, and hopefully, last for many more years.”

An ode to the Main

“The sandwich was piled so high with meat, it defied gravity. The coleslaw was tart and savoury, the pickle was fresh and briny, the fries were generously salted but somehow almost sweet, complementing the Cott’s black cherry that would have won the cola wars if only they were allowed to enter the competition. The Main’s smoked meat special was clearly the greatest meal in all creation.”

The political class sees no problem with unnecessary mass pollution and police ops

“Politicians — a group of people well known for the near constant presence of their heads up their own asses — are exactly the kinds of people who would tell you to take the bus and turn down the thermostat to lower your carbon footprint, all while their motorcades and jumbo jets spew pollution and emissions far in excess of what most people will produce in their entire lifetimes.”