Wet the Fuck

This week, Sasha, our sex columnist, answers your questions about female ejaculation and genital piercings at an advanced age.

Not bloody likely

I consider myself a futurist. I like to theorize how certain events and advancements will play out. I spend lots of time thinking about robots, robo-prostitutes and other weird space shit. Here’s a prediction that I would like to share with you: within 10 years, weed will be completely legal in North America. Why/how? PMS.

Come on, baby, make it flirt so good

How can you deal with an excessively flirtatious partner or one who wants to experiment with other sexual partners? Our sex columnist, Sasha, answers your questions.

Domming for dummies

Sasha, our resident sex expert, offers advice for aspiring dominatrices and those in search of vegan-friendly sex products.

Students of Montreal, I am hugging you

Congratulations on your decision to take your studies and personal debt to epic heights. University is a thrilling, heady time. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to meet new people and discover new things about your intimate selves.

Virgin growth

This week, Sasha answers your questions about virgins and lube — though not together.

Trigger happy

You, like so many of us, learned to communicate with your penis like you learned to eat candy: with stealth, haste and greed. In other words, how you learned to undertake so many activities that gave you guilty pleasure — in the crushing secrecy of your shame tent.

Yee ha! Ouch

I want to have sex with me on top of my boyfriend, but my vagina always seems to tense up or shut close. We have no problem in the missionary position. I just want to try being on top for a change.

Rules of the bones

For about two years now, I have had a numbing pain in my wrist that I have boiled down to three activities:
1) Trying to hoist myself up around street signs to prove that even though I am well into my forties, I can still pole dance like a bouncy 20-year-old;
2) Sleeping with the backside of my hand smushed awkwardly against my face;
3) Jerking off relentlessly with a very powerful vibrator.

Ass o’ mine

Bisexual shaming cuts deep. Your girlfriend has treated your orientation with suspicion and disrespect, and now she wants to gain from it while potentially leaving you twisting in the wind? Mayday, mayday, mayday!