Overheard at Comiccon

Montreal’s official geekend (ugh!) came to a close last night, and while attendees delighted the eyes with their creative costumes — from the sweetest lil’ baby Yoda to a gender-bending Clockwork Orange gang — we kept our ears peeled, too. Here are the choicest quotes from the cavalcade of characters.

Five things we’ll miss about Hotel de la Montagne

A farewell to Thursday’s Bar ran in last weekend’s Gazette. It seems many Montrealers are sad to see it go. Not the Montrealers I know. We’re weeping for its sister property, another sort of downtown hangout: Hotel de la Montagne.

Five students you should protest

The students are back, and even the ones wearing red squares have them pinned to frat-approved “puke suits” or Bedazzled sweatpants. Here are the five worst offenders.