Mikey B Trippin: NXNE part 2

M for Mikey wraps NXNE with a second report on Toronto’s mega music festival, wherein he witnesses the second coming, feeds poutine to rappers, checks some buzz bands, spills uncomfortable secrets and gets followed home by a lady with a craving for candy.

Mikey B Trippin: NXNE part 1

The best part about NXNE, Toronto’s answer to Austin’s SXSW, is that the city’s crack-smoking mayor allows bars and venues to close @ 4 a.m. during festivals, meaning more bands, more afterparties, more spending and more blackouts. Let’s just say the drug business is booming. Smart…

Mikey B Trippin: The Great Escape pt. 2

M for Mikey reports once more from Brighton’s Great Escape music festival, where he wins an award, gets insulted and hit in the face by L.A. hipsters and drunk Brits, witnesses some weighty talent and has a brush with music-biz greatness.

Mikey B Trippin: The Great Escape pt. 1

M for Mikey reports from the Great Escape music festival in the (alleged) lesbian capital of England: Brighton. Read about the festival’s excess of bands, booze and blondes, and what it feels like to pass out on a rocky beach with a God-awful chicken salad sandwich in your face.

Mikey B Trippin, CMW round one

M for Mikey reports from the 416 on the scenesters, Montreal rising stars and holy men, ubiquitous Stills alumni, Sacto buds and awkward saliva-swapping and urinal spying at Canadian Music Week.

Mikey B Trippin, SXSW round 4

M for Mikey, en route to CMW in Toronto, fills us in on his last day at SXSW, feat. Death Grips, G. Green and Liz Liles, Austra, Feathers, a familiar face from the good old days of MTV, twins that make you pee your pants and some bona fide Mexican food, for once.

Mikey B Trippin, SXSW round 3

Follow Mikey’s full-throttle third day of the Austin music festival, when he co-hosted M for Montreal showcases and parties with Brooklyn Vegan, Arbutus Records and Invisible Oranges and met up with some Stockton, CA legends (not Pavement, but close). And as a bonus for all festival-going dudes, Mikey shares his secret to staying drunk and avoiding bathroom queues.