Rebels of the Belgo: Rats 9

The pressure was on for local art collective Rats 9 last Saturday night, as they invited friends, family and fellow artists to explore their gallery/atelier space for the very first time. Having already scheduled a year’s worth of exhibitions in mere months, the group acknowledges the risk they’ve taken launching a DIY, queer-run project in Downtown’s pricey Belgo building alongside rows of established gallery spaces.

St-Henri punk rock dance party

The bi-monthly Bar de Courcelle DJ night is St-Henri’s best-kept secret. Located in the heart of a neighbourhood rarely associated with Montreal nightlife, the C&W-style dive is taken over by house DJs Sam Gyetvay, Jesse Rosenberg and James Watts every second Thursday, playing host to the borough’s best rock ’n’ roll dance party.

The Pink Noise’s time is now

While throngs of local rock ’n’ roll groups stagnate in Dep City, opting for partying over performing, Mark Sauner maintains a sense of direction.
“We want to do this next record, and we want to get it on a label,” he says. “We’ve been working hard on these songs, and we want to have really good production and bring all our talents together.”
Sauner is the frontman and founder of local weirdos the Pink Noise, a group lovingly dubbed “the most nihilistic band in Montreal” by AIDS Wolf (RIP) singer Chloe Lum.