METZ are quitting their day jobs

Hard-working Ontario grunge-punks METZ talk Nirvana, suburban angst, Toronto bands and gear theft, as they piss acid rain all over skyscrapers they just kicked over.

The Death Set are positive vibe veterans

From their native Australia to the American East Coast to the rest of the world, the Death Set — aka the motherfucking Death Set — import convulsive punk riffs, bouncy electro hooks, tongue-in-cheek lyrics and high-pitched vocals. Cult MTL spoke to the singer Johnny Siera just ahead of their Divan Orange show tonight.

Brooklyn’s Dream Affair love Montreal

The music of fresh-faced NYC threesome Dream Affair resides in the dark and heartless industrial landscapes of classic cold wave. They shared their affection for our city (and distaste for Canadian border guards) on the eve of tomorrow’s headlining show at Katacombes.

WTCHS like cassettes better

Hamilton quartet WTCHS, playing Brasserie Beaubien tomorrow night, discuss the Steeltown scene and why an outdated lo-fi medium is great for indie rock.