Discover Cambodian food in Montreal

We spoke to Dylida Mao, the owner of Montreal’s only Cambodian restaurant, la Petite Mangue, about Cambodian cuisine, Southeast Asian food in Montreal and what it’s like to open a resto here.

Meet MTL’s next-gen Portuguese chicken

It wasn’t like the Plateau and Mile End had a dearth of Portuguese chicken, but now there are three more options for it: Rôtisserie Mile End Churrascaria, Café Smile and Ma Poule Mouillée. In the name of journalism, we tried them all.

Finally, a Buvette Chez Simone alternative

To state the obvious: oysters At last, the thirsty citizens of Mile End have a British-style pub. One that may be the great white hope of that cursed space on St-Joseph and St-Laurent that can’t seem to host a successful restaurant. But if you’re expecting a Mile End version of Burgundy Lion, you’ll walk away […]

Filipino cuisine 101

Filipino food has never gotten its due, but its time may be coming. We checked out a few restaurants to see what Montreal’s Philippine cuisine is all about.