p'tit belliveau album review

P’tit Belliveau, P’tit Belliveau: REVIEW


P’tit Belliveau, P’tit Belliveau (independent)

Third time’s beyond the charm. The Nova Scotian talent has long since established that he’s got the charm down pat. On LP number three, the musical polymath has gripped his sound, style and success more firmly in his own two hands, parting ways with label Bonsound and packing self-booked shows damn near everywhere he sets his bags down. Live performances have long hinted that Belliveau has distortion on his mind. Devised by 12 fresh cuts, P’tit Belliveau goes a little louder and a lot more adventurous, and paints a portrait of an artist more confident than ever with the fact that he has something more than charm, or a sound all his own. He has a vision that he’s stamped his name on. And it’s wonderful. 10/10 Trial Track: “Ring Ring” (Darcy MacDonald)

For more on P’tit Belliveau, please visit his Bandcamp. This article was originally published in the June 2024 issue of Cult MTL.

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