Retraction: ‘Jurassic Parc Jean Drapeau’

A letter from the editor.

To our valued readers,

On Dec. 7, 2023, Cult MTL published an article titled “Jurassic Parc Jean Drapeau” by Taylor C. Noakes. The same article appeared online on Jan. 10, 2024 under the title “Jurassic Parc Jean Drapeau: The story of the Dinosaurium con.” It has come to our attention that some of the information presented in the article did not meet the journalistic standards we strive to uphold, and that some facts presented in the article were false and/or misleading. We deeply regret any confusion this may have caused to our readers and the parties involved.

We sincerely apologize specifically to Barry Sendel for any inconvenience this article may have caused.

As a responsible publication, we are committed to ensuring the accuracy and integrity of our reporting and that of our free-lance independent journalists we publish. We have taken immediate steps to review our editorial processes for the future.

We understand the importance of delivering reliable news and information to our community, and we appreciate your continued trust in us. Should you have any concerns or feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out to our editorial team.

Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Lorraine Carpenter

Editor-in-chief, Cult MTL