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Conservative hypocrisy: the ‘freedom’ convoy vs. university protests

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Conservative hypocrisy: the ‘freedom’ convoy vs. university protests

To the hypocrites who proudly supported the trucker convoy, which blocked traffic in Ottawa and disrupted people’s everyday lives for weeks, but oppose the right of students to protest genocide peacefully at McGill — your bias is showing.

A plurality of Conservatives supported the trucker convoy, yet find encampments on university campuses “unacceptable.” As with wedge issues like abortion and gay marriage, this is yet more proof that Conservatives only care about “freedom” when it suits them politically. Incidentally, Pierre Poilievre openly supported the convoy — despite reports of Nazi imagery, Confederate flags, urination on war memorials and the desecration of the Terry Fox statue — which ultimately led to him becoming the leader of the Conservative Party.

We remind you that Canadians largely opposed the so-called “Freedom Convoy,” agreeing that it was simply an excuse for “selfish Canadians and right-wing supremacist groups to rally in Ottawa and voice their frustrations about society.”

The convoy cost taxpayers and businesses in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and halted $3.9-billion in trade activity during its border blockades.

Conservative hypocrisy: the ‘freedom’ convoy vs. university protests

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