Salle Climatisée Montreal review Restaurant Guide

Montreal Restaurant Guide: Salle Climatisée

Montreal’s undisputed champ of new-wave French fare.

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Salle Climatisée

Credited (at least in part) for reigniting the love for new-wave French fare over three years ago, Montreal’s coolest restaurant named after air conditioning remains one of the city’s best tables. Despite the departure of co-founder and executive chef Harrison Shewchuk in early March, chef-de-cuisine Dmetro Sinclair continues to run the kitchen with the same level of precision cooking and casual refinement that has come to define the Beaubien bistro. The intimate room, overseen by Brendan Lavery, is always lively with a contagious convivial buzz as content diners linger over a great bottle of wine and clever dishes that are consistently greater than the sum of their parts. (6448 St-Laurent)

Montreal Restaurant Guide: Salle Climatisée

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