Loblaws boycott greedflation

Majority of Canadians support Loblaws boycott due to greedflation

Organizers are calling for an indefinite end to shopping at all stores owned by the Loblaw company, including Pharmaprix, Provigo, Maxi and Joe Fresh.

With Canadians fed up with the cost of living — particularly the subset of inflation known as “greedflation,” referring to opportunism on the part of major retailers — a boycott of Loblaws grocery stores and Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacies has been underway since May 1. A new Léger study finds that a majority of Canadians, 58%, support the boycott of Loblaws and its affiliated stores.

Organizers of the boycott, whose Reddit page Loblaws Is Out of Control has 83,500 members, have encouraged participants to end all shopping at Loblaws — as well as its subsidiaries and partners Shoppers Drug Mart (aka Pharmaprix), Provigo, Maxi and Joe Fresh — throughout the month of May, and indefinitely. They are also advocating writing to MPs and contacting the Loblaw company directly.

For the full list of demands and recommended actions, please see the embed below. To see all the brands associated with Loblaw, please click here.

Canadians to boycott Loblaws and Shoppers Drug Mart over greedflation

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