Support for Donald Trump decreases with education

The less educated you are, the more likely you are to support a second Trump presidency.

A study by the Angus Reid Institute has found that support for Donald Trump in the 2024 Presidential Election decreases the more educated one is.

The study found that among Americans planning to vote for Donald Trump are 41% of those with a high school diploma and 40% of graduates with an associate’s degree. Just 30% of Americans with university degrees plan to vote for Trump in 2024 Presidential Election, significantly lower than those who plan to vote for President Joe Biden (50%), whose support increases the more educated one is. (For the complete table of results, please see page 3 in the report here.)

While favourability of Joe Biden is roughly equal between men (38%) and women (37%), Donald Trump is significantly more popular among men (42%) when compared to women (33%).

A separate Angus Reid study also found that 2 in 3 Canadians believe U.S. democracy ‘cannot survive’ another four years of Donald Trump.

Support for Donald Trump decreases with education

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