3 Movie Genres We Need To See More Of

Here are some film genres we’d love to see make a comeback.

Tastes and styles in movies aren’t as mercurial as some other industries like fashion or music, but there is a system of rises and falls in popularity for certain genres. As one genre rises to prominence, it is only ever a matter of time before it either becomes overdone or ideas run out and it falls out of the public view. Like a lot of cultural fashions, however, there is always an opportunity for it to become consistently popular rather than a flavor of the month. With that in mind, here are some genres we’d love to see make a comeback.

Suave Thriller

There’s no avoiding the fact that we currently live in an era where movies are either hyper-gritty and realistic or entirely fantastical and unbelievable. Realism in particular has been in vogue for the past decade or so with films like Joker or Django Unchained, and even franchises that had elements of fantasy in their grounded settings have shifted towards being more serious. In the process, a lot of the levity and style behind these films has been lost.

Take the latest Bond film No Time To Die as an example. This was as far from a 90s Bond film as possible with minimal jokes or light moments, and none of the famous staples like a casino scene. The absence of any casino time is particularly surprising given how popular it has been recently, especially with online casino being more in the public consciousness than ever. With the number of people playing things like online slots at Betway and other huge sites, connecting audiences with that old casino style should be an easy task. We’re hoping it’s a fashion that loops back around again.


Speaking of that grit and realism, something we’ve undoubtedly lost in recent years has been the full-on parodies and spoofs so popular before the turn of the century. The heyday of these movies was back in the 70s and 80s with the work of Mel Brooks and the Zucker Brothers amongst others, although there’s no denying that the genre became oversaturated and the quality dropped off past 2000, with films like Meet The Spartans faring poorly in both box office and reviews.

Spoofs never entirely died off, however, and have even shown recent signs of being resurrected as a full genre. Films like Weird: The Al Yankovic Storya parody of a career already based around parody, have been well-received and managed to draw in some big stars. More importantly, the film industry right now with all that grounded and emotional seriousness is perfect fodder for parody, although it would need to be handled carefully. Spoofs are a unique breed of movies where getting it right will make it a classic, but anything less than gold will resign it to the bottom of the pile very easily.


Alongside romantic dramas, mystery and detective films made up a huge part of the early days of cinema and TV, and maintained popularity for many decades. After a certain point, however, the genre started to lose traction as the movies being produced tended to fall back on predictable storylines and weak twists. The peak of the genre is debated but movies like Murder on the Orient Express and the Sherlock Holmes story Hound of the Baskervilles from the 50s are routinely highlighted by fans.

This is a genre that looks set to have a big resurgence. The Daniel Craig-led production of Knives Out in 2019 proved that mystery still had a lot to offer, and this has been followed up by solid success for several of Agatha Christie’s stories remade for the modern era. The key thing now is for studios to maintain momentum with new productions rather than relying on remaking old stories that are extremely well-known. After all, the biggest draw of a mystery is the unknown, and you’re not going to bring in die-hard fans with the same plotlines.

Of course, the likelihood of getting a full renaissance in any of these categories is low, in part because most fans would be hesitant to put new efforts above established classics. However, in the name of variety and diversity in the industry, any good efforts from them would be a positive.