The Best Online Tools for Montreal College Students

Study tools for college students help implement many tasks that you face every day during your studies.

The digital revolution has realized the dreams of many generations of teachers, students, and their parents. Education has become personalized or, in other words, centered on the individual needs of each student. Achieving this was previously impossible because teachers did not have enough time to pay sufficient attention to each student. However, the emergence of innovative study tools has successfully solved this problem. 

The market offers software solutions for students of all levels: from elementary school to doctoral studies. Find out which tools are most suitable for college students to make your studies as productive and enjoyable as possible.

5 Reasons to Use Study Tools

Save time

Doing homework and preparing for tests, quizzes, and exams is much easier and faster if you have an omniscient electronic tutor who points out all your mistakes and corrects them.

Perfect Homework

Do you want all your homework to look perfect? Use PDF format, which makes even the simplest essay look professional. Using software tools, you can easily convert Word, Excel, and PPTX to PDF, as well as many other popular formats.

Study on the Go

Study tools can be used online or downloaded to your smartphone. Therefore, you can do your homework anywhere — in the park, at the stadium, in a café with friends, and wherever you want.

Opportunities for Self-Education

Colleges focus the student on a specific area of science, for example, technical, humanities, etc. But these divisions will not be so important for you, since you can independently master any discipline with the help of study tools for college students.

Mastering Technology

The 21st century is the time of technology, and the sooner you start mastering it, the more success you will achieve in the future. Skills in using advanced technology in college will be your competitive advantage.

7 Online Study Tools Every College Student Should Know

PDF Guru

Lecture presentations offered by teachers are very useful for preparing for tests and quizzes. However, in PPT or PPTX format, they are inconvenient to view or store. The PDF format is much more suitable for these purposes. So use PDF tools to convert PPT to PDF in a few seconds. The PDF Guru platform offers to convert many popular formats to PDF, including PPT and PPTX to PDF. Don’t know how to turn a PowerPoint into a PDF? With PDF Guru’s intuitive interface, you will not encounter any difficulties.


Mistakes in essays and other assignments can ruin your grade, even if you have written brilliant ideas. With Grammarly, you can see and correct them before the teacher notices your weak points. Moreover, this tool will even explain to you what you did wrong. Thanks to this, the number of errors will be reduced with each new essay.


Get creative with your presentations and add animations and videos with Powtoon. The program offers a large database of graphical scenes, so making such a presentation will not be difficult. By the way, PDF also supports video format, so when you convert PPTX to PDF, the ability to play video will also remain.


It’s not easy to concentrate on your studies when your friends are messaging you, social networks are sending notifications, and interesting websites are releasing updates. Make your study time easier with a website blocker. It can be set for a specific time so that nothing distracts you from the main tasks you are performing.

Cite This For Me

Proper formatting of citations and references is a very painstaking and tedious job. Students spend a lot of time on it and still make mistakes if they do it manually. Just like you can entrust the PowerPoint to PDF conversion to PDF Guru, delegate your paper to the Cite This For Me extension, and it will complete everything instantly and accurately.

Google Scholar

The Internet is open to any publication, so it is not always easy to distinguish a scientific article from a fake one. To speed up your preparation for seminars and essay writing and rely only on scientific articles, use Google Scholar. Here, you will find many articles on various scientific disciplines. Thanks to it, you will be able to show off your erudition by citing famous scientists in your homework.


It’s hard not to get overwhelmed with assignments when you have a lot of college subjects and each assignment has a deadline. Todoist will help you organize your study time effectively and prioritize correctly. You won’t be able to forget about any important task because the application will remind you about it in advance.

Final Thoughts

The educational software market is very wide and is constantly updated with new products. Therefore, enjoy well-known applications, platforms, and extensions but try new arrivals as well. By using trial plans, you will be able to evaluate the unique features of new software products and understand how good they are for you. Stay up to date with innovative technologies to make your college experience more enjoyable!