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Tucker Carlson: Montreal has been ‘cleansed of its anglo legacy, and I’m not anti-French’

Interesting times we’re living in when a right-wing pundit like Tucker Carlson defends a minority group in Montreal, the least Conservative city in Canada. 2024, already proving to be weird as fuck.

Infamous former Fox News host and right-wing conspiracy theorist Tucker Carlson made some striking comments about Montreal during a speech in Alberta, saying that the city “has been cleansed of its anglo legacy” over a sgeneration. He said that anglos were forced out of Montreal via “a series of acts of hostility.”

Carlson, who also claimed that he is “not anti-French at all,” has been in Canada this week on the invitation of Alberta Premier Danielle Smith, who shared a stage with the American “journalist” in Calgary on Wednesday. Smith has been heavily criticized by federal Liberals for hosting Carlson.

“I’m going to say the most controversial thing ever: I watched when Montreal was cleansed of its anglo legacy. And I’m not anti-French at all just for the record but I am an anglo and I have friends in Montreal and in the span of a generation that’s all gone they were all forced out. And they’re all like, ‘Okay, I guess we’ll go to Ontario.’

“What? My grandfather built this city, I’m not going anywhere. How about that? That never occurred to anyone cause no one could say out loud what was actually happening a series of acts of hostility aimed at you because of things that you didn’t choose, like how you were born. And if you keep allowing that, you have no future.”

Tucker Carlson: Montreal has been ‘cleansed of its anglo legacy, and I’m not anti-French’

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