Love Like No Other: 8 Unique Dating Shows Streaming in Canada

Each series offers a unique twist on finding romance, from love experiments to exotic locales.

Just finished up a marathon of your favorite dating show and itching for more romantic adventures? No worries – Netflix has got your back. But not all Netflix libraries are created equal. 

You’re in for a treat if you’re tuning in from Canada because there’s a cool selection of shows to dive into. Whether you’re after some guilty pleasure or just a dash of romantic inspo, they’ve got you covered. Think of it like Netflix is this giant hub, holding the title for the largest singles database in the world, but in the form of TV shows. 

Sure, it’s not a dating site, but it might be just a little sneak peek into the vast sea of potential matches out there for you. This lineup is tailored to suit every romantic taste imaginable. So, grab that remote and get ready to explore eight of the most unique dating shows currently streaming in Canada!

1. What the Love! With Karan Johar 

Brace yourself for an awesome reality TV series hosted by the ever-charming Karan Johar! Trust us, you won’t want to miss this mix of romance and celebrity magic. Six lively millennials dive headfirst into the world of love, all guided by the one and only Karan Johar.

And that’s not all! Fellow celebs and a super fabulous glam squad get involved, too. The result is an experience that’s totally unique and bound to keep you hooked right from the beginning!

2. The Circle 

The Circle paved the way for Before Love Is Blind’s concept well before that show became the talk of the town. This new series throws eight folks into the mix, using only text to create bonds, handle friendships, make alliances, and tackle the inevitable clashes.

Some show their real faces, while others do a little catfishing. It’s a game of smarts and trickery as players work hard to uncover the true identities of those hidden behind the screens. 

3. Love Is Blind 

Love Is Blind captivates viewers with its innovative approach to love and relationships. Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the nine-episode series explores the romantic journeys of 20 millennials. 

These singles commit to engagement without ever meeting each other in person, setting the stage for a truly unique and unpredictable exploration of love in the modern age.

4. Dating Around 

If you’re into the whole blind date scene, then Dating Around is your go-to! This dating series shines a spotlight on one person per episode, tackling five blind dates in the hopes of discovering their possible match made in heaven.

It’s a heartwarming journey through the twists and turns of modern dating, all about finding those real, genuine connections that make your heart skip a beat. It’s definitely a wild ride!

5. Indian Matchmaking

Sima Taparia, the top matchmaker in Mumbai, takes you from California to India in this awesome series. Soak up India’s vibrant culture by diving into the world of traditional arranged marriages and attend some seriously extravagant weddings. 

It’s a blast watching Sima Aunty use her matchmaking magic to help quirky clients find their future better halves. This matchmaking escapade knows no borders, blossoming across continents.

6. Sexy Beasts

Participants in Sexy Beast go all out, transforming into animals using crazy prosthetics makeup to hide their faces. After all, love should be about personality, right? Or, at least, that’s what the show would have us think. So, just imagine a panda and a monster ax-throwing and sipping on some adult beverages on a date.

Cute right? Even though it sounds a little like an anime if you ask us, it’s still a lot of fun and pretty unique on the dating show scene! Sexy Beasts shakes up the dating game, bringing you wildly entertaining and unpredictably beastly encounters. And the big reveal: Well, when it comes, you (and their potential partners) find out if the outside matches the inside. So dramatic!

7. Too Hot to Handle

With four thrilling seasons of this dating show to choose from, there is plenty of drama and romance for you to binge. The emotional roller coaster of a show starts with its participants (and us along with them) stepping into paradise on the quest for love.

What’s the catch? To liven stuff up, the creators set up a crazy catch. The couples could win a share of a sizable cash prize if they can refrain from kissing, touching, or any intimacy. 

8. Single’s Inferno

The singles on Single’s Inferno are on a mission to simply make connections and hopefully find their perfect match. Five single guys and gals head to Inferno Island for a wild adventure. Oh, and there’s a twist, too: this island is technology-free.

If the couples are able to find their perfect match, it’s on to something bigger and better! An escape to a dreamy island resort paradise where they can connect even further. It isn’t that easy, though, because everyone is keeping their jobs and ages under wraps. So, you have no idea what you are getting until they hit paradise. So much drama!


Each series offers a unique twist on finding romance, from love experiments to exotic locales. Don’t worry, though. We know you will be able to find something that tickles your fancy! So, whether you’re into masked encounters or adventurous journeys, Netflix Canada has a captivating lineup that proves love knows no bounds. We guess all that’s left to say is happy binge-watching.