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City invests $7.2M in violence prevention projects by Montreal community organizations

46 projects will be carried out by and for young people in the city, including support systems for marginalized youth, vulnerable girls and Indigenous and Inuit youth on the streets.

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante announced today that the city is investing $7.2-million in 46 violence prevention projects by and for local youth.

The projects will be administered by community organizations including Saint-Michel’s Centre Lasallien, to receive $130,000 for an employment integration program for marginalized youth, the Makivik Corporation, to receive $750,000 to increase the number of social workers supporting Indigenous and Inuit youth on the streets, and Sun Youth, who will develop mentoring and sports programs for vulnerable youth, particularly young girls.

“It is with this type of prevention projects, close to the community, that we build a more inclusive and safe city, where all young people have an equal chance to succeed. This is our Montreal model of public safety!”

City invests $7.2M in violence prevention programs by Montreal community groups

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