Visiting Montreal This Winter? Here Are 10 Activities You Won’t Wanna Miss

From its festive markets to events like Montréal en Lumière, there are plenty of things to enjoy during a winter vacation in Montreal.

As the festive season approaches, there’s no better time to discover the vibrant heartbeat of Quebec, where culture, history, and modernity converge in a unique blend. Of course, we are talking about Montreal, a city that effortlessly captures the essence of French charm and Canadian hospitality. While this city possesses an irresistible allure all year round, it particularly comes to light under a pristine blanket of snow, taking on a magical quality that beckons visitors from all over the world to enjoy its enchanting embrace.

No doubt, Montreal is one beautiful, Canadian winter wonderland you can never get enough of. With that said, we still highly recommend having a solid itinerary in place, because the last thing you want is to realize you’ve missed out on some fantastic experiences. Irrespective of whether you’re coming from another part of the world or the other side of the country – or even if you’re a local planning a staycation – there’s so much to see and do. 

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From its festive markets to events like Montreal en Lumière, there are plenty of things to enjoy during a winter vacation in Montreal. Let’s take a look at the 10 activities you won’t want to miss out on.

1. Mount Royal

For outdoor enthusiasts, look no further than Mount Royal, a significant natural landmark and park that lends its name to the city. This must-visit destination is conveniently situated near the city and is just a short ride away. Here, visitors can enjoy a plethora of winter-themed activities, including forest walks, ice skating, and cross-country skiing. And, of course, we can’t overlook the landmark’s fantastic view of the incredible cityscape.

2. Notre Dame Basilica

The Notre Dame Basilica secures a spot on our list of must-visit attractions throughout the year, but its allure is particularly heightened during the winter months, courtesy of its warm and cabin-esque interiors. Visitors have the opportunity to marvel at the landmark’s grand neogothic architecture and the basilica’s vibrant and awe-inspiring design elements, rendering it a truly captivating sight. After exploring the Notre Dame Basilica, settle into one of the church’s pews for an unforgettable Aura experience. This sensory journey unfolds as a four-act multimedia show, featuring immersive visuals accompanied by music on the Basilica walls, altarpiece, and ceiling.

3. Bota Bota Spa

While a spa might not be your initial choice when visiting Montreal, trust us, after running around the city to enjoy all the festive activities, you’re going to need a full day to recharge. Bota Bota is the perfect sanctuary to revitalize your senses, soothe your tired body, and enhance your overall well-being. The spa offers customized packages tailored to different types of travelers. The core spa treatments include steam, sauna, and cold plunge circuits. Additional treatments such as massages, as well as body and facial treatments, vary depending on your chosen spa package. To complement your rejuvenation, the spa also features an in-house restaurant offering delicious meals at reasonable rates.

4. La Grand Roue

A ride on La Grand Roue unquestionably ranks among my favorite winter activities in Montreal. There’s an enchanting magic in witnessing the sunset from the city’s illuminated Ferris wheel. Situated in the old port area, with a view overlooking a winter ice rink, the 20-minute journey on the wheel provides a delightful experience. Given Montreal’s relatively flat terrain, it offers an excellent vantage point to behold the entire city, including iconic landmarks such as Notre-Dame Basilica, Montreal Biosphere, and the summit of Mount Royal.

5. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

For enthusiasts of history and culture, this recommendation is bound to enhance your winter visit to Montreal. The city boasts a profound cultural heritage, showcased through its numerous art galleries and museums, each offering a unique and enriching experience. Among them, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts stands out and should undoubtedly be on your itinerary. This museum features art that delves into themes like interior spaces and self-identity, presented in a visually captivating manner that immerses you, momentarily transporting you from the outside world.

6. Montréal en Lumière

Montréal en Lumière stands as a premier winter festival in the city, transforming Montreal into a stunning display of lights and simplifying the planning of your winter trip with daily offerings. The festival encompasses a variety of shows, outdoor markets, and nighttime events throughout Montreal.

7. Igloofest

Igloofest caters to the adventurous souls who crave dancing even in the midst of winter. Renowned as the world’s coldest music festival, Montreal’s Igloofest embraces the chill of winter with its low temperatures. Over its four-weekend duration, the festival treats attendees to live electronic music performances. The event is adorned with charming ice decorations, contributing to its effortlessly ‘cool’ ambiance. Additionally, Igloofest hosts the Iglooswag competition, encouraging participants to showcase their finest winter outfits with the chance to win exciting prizes.

8. Explore The Neighbourhoods

Just like many other major cities, Montreal comprises numerous distinct smaller towns and villages, each boasting its own individual character. We strongly recommend exploring the various neighborhoods to immerse yourself in their unique vibes. From the emerging Saint-Henri to the stylish Plateau, the culinary haven of Little Burgundy, the hipster atmosphere of Mile End, and the mural-covered Saint-Laurent Boulevard—Montreal’s neighborhoods weave a rich tapestry of distinctive identities.

9. Escape Room

Montreal offers numerous indoor activities ideal for chilly winter days. If you haven’t tried it yet, be sure to include an escape room experience. It involves an engaging hour of deciphering codes, solving riddles, and honing observation skills, all aimed at guiding you to successfully escape from a locked chamber.

10. Ice Fishing

Interested in experiencing ice fishing during a Montreal winter? Old Montreal provides the prime locations for this activity. The Bassin de l’Horloge in Old Montreal is equipped with huts and tents, ensuring a comfortable setting for you and your family to enjoy the thrill of ice fishing.