The latest gaming trends in Canada

Trends in gaming are heavily influenced by technological developments and players’ gaming habits.

Gaming is one of the most popular hobbies and activities in Canada. The video games market is expected to bring in $3.4 billion USD by early 2024.  

These figures reveal an increase of about 20% since 2019. 

According to Statista, the video game industry’s market volume is expected to grow by 9.60% annually in Canada. It is projected to reach a market volume of $5.5 billion USD by 2028.

By 2028, experts predict there will be 6 million active video gamers in Canada. 

These figures are just for the video game market. Other forms of gaming such as mobile gaming, bring in other billions in USD and millions in gamers. 

One study estimates that 23 million Canadians play games which represents 61% of the population.

In other words, the gaming industry is one of the most important and influential industries in the country. But are gaming trends changing year after year? 

How are they changing? What are the latest gaming trends in Canada? 

This article will answer these questions and explore some of the ways in which the gaming industry is changing.  

What is changing the gaming world?

The gaming world is rapidly growing and expanding. It may seem like an unpredictable, evermoving and changing industry. 

However, the changes in the gaming world are predictable when one knows what to look at. The following sectors and aspects directly influence the gaming industry. 

Ultimately, they are the ones that lead the industry into one direction over another. 

·      Technology

Technology is the most important factor in the gaming world. New technological developments and advancements directly influence the course of the gaming industry.

As new technological creations emerge on the market new games appear that embrace these tools and creations. 

·      Users’ gaming habits

The gaming industry is very much linked to the gaming habits of its users. The gaming industry will evolve in line with these gaming habits. 

For example, if gamers continue to choose mobile gaming over console gaming, the industry will increasingly favormobile games over console games. 

Similarly, if users do not enjoy games with new technology, then new technologies’ influence on the gaming industry will be reduced.

At the end of the day, the client is king, and the industry will go where the client goes. 

The latest gaming trends in Canada 

Without further ado, here are the latest gaming trends in the country.

·      Casino gaming

Casino gaming has always been popular in Canada. However, this gaming genre is becoming more successful and popular year after year.

This is due to the casino gaming industry reinventing itself continuously. Game developers and online casinos embraced new technologies and know how to adapt to their clients’ new gaming habits. 

An example of this is the growing success of live blackjack games where players can join a virtual casino venue and play with a live dealer, friends, and/or unknown players. 

Another example is the rise of slingo, a new game that combines slots and bingo. 

Live casino games, such as blackjack, and new casino games like slingo, help the casino gaming industry stay relevant. 

This helps them attract new customers from different age groups and backgrounds. 

·      Multiplayer games

On a cold and stormy day, what better way to relax and socialize with friends than by playing a multiplayer, online game. 

Multiplayer games that give players the opportunity to invite their friends and chat with them are one of the biggest gaming trends in Canada. 

Canadians love staying warm and cozy at home while still spending some quality time with their close ones. Multiplayer, online games are the way to go for many citizens.  

An example of this is the incredible success and popularity of Fortnite. This game has been played by over 51 million individuals in the country. 

It is still ranked as one of the best and most popular games of the year despite having been released in 2017. 

·      Fitness games

Fitness games are on the rise in Canada. They help individuals exercise and enjoy their training sessions by giving them rewards and fun challenges to complete. 

Canadians use fitness games to exercise from the comfort of their home and have a fun gaming experience as they do so. 

As with multiplayer games, they find it easier and more time-efficient to train from home. It is usually quicker than to drive or commute all the way to a local gym or sports center.  

For those who do not live near a gym or sports center, fitness games are particularly convenient. 

Some of the most popular fitness games include Ring Fit Adventure and Nintendo Switch Sports. 

There are also some fun dance games for those who prefer to exercise with music. The most popular releases include Beat Saber, Just Dance 2023 and Zumba Burn It Up. 

Final thoughts

This article listed some of the top gaming trends in Canada and how these trends are heavily influenced by technological developments and players’ gaming habits. 

These gaming trends will most likely continue to change over the years as the industry continues to grow and expand.