Pin Up betting promotion though an affiliated program

How modern casinos inform users about their services.

Features of Pin Up digital marketing

Online casinos and bookmakers are no longer trying to come up with the most creative ways to attract players. Now, affiliate networks successfully cope with marketing tasks. This tool appeared in 2014, and today, you can find many platforms that offer different strategies and rates for new players. This article will discuss the primary features of the Pin Up betting affiliate program, in which all interested users from Canada can participate. Take a look at the methods used to receive traffic.

A few words about Pin-Up Partners

Pin Up Partners is an online bet affiliate program launched in 2016. The main task of such a program is to unite several sites that are part of a group ― a Pinup casino and a bookmaker’s office. Marketers pay special attention to promoting the bookmaker’s office, where about 15,000 events occur daily.

Pin-up Partners has implemented its affiliate system, allowing each participant to control statistical information and analyze traffic to improve results. Registered representatives also gain access to advanced marketing tools to make their activities more accessible.

Methods of receiving traffic for Pin Up Partners

About 90% of traffic in the gaming industry comes from smartphones, but the remaining 10% should not be neglected. Affiliate systems actively introduce marketing trends but continue operating based on traditional arbitrage forms. Let’s look at the primary traffic sources for Pin-up betting:

● Social media is a crucial source of traffic today. Experts at Pin Up Partners have implemented situational marketing and focused on this model. To do this, they fixed bugs that caused conflicts in different applications and improved compatibility with iOS and Android. Experts managed to shorten the user’s path as much as possible, from clicking on an advertisement to making a deposit and placing a bet. Facebook has become the central digital marketing platform.

● Google UAC and contextual advertising are more complex solutions requiring high-converting landing pages.

● Active SMS distribution specialists use a ready-made client base and receive traffic directly or with CPA systems to monetize it in the future. Such a solution does not involve adding a profile landing page with significant conversion parameters that are configured for this type of traffic.

● SEO as a niche category of traffic. According to Pin-Up Partners, monthly investments in such an area exceed $3 million, and gamers make about a thousand deposits daily using this scheme. According to marketers, these are the most stable and high-quality campaigns due to the concentration of a large amount of capital and good customer lifetime value on the site.

The Pin Up casino partners system was created to promote two close brands ― the Pin Up bet and the Pin Up bookmaker. These brands appeared not so long ago, but are already very popular. Suppose you decide to join the affiliate program. In that case, you will easily attract new users due to the wide range of gaming services and quality promotional material.