Online Gambling in Montreal: What You Need to Know

Online casinos are a growing market.

iGaming is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Online casinos are now more popular than ever, and they continuously generate billions of dollars, annually. It is, therefore, unsurprising that many governments around the world are legalizing the market.

Canada is one such government. Recently, the Canadian government has passed a bill relegating all regulation for online casinos to individual provinces. Which leaves a lot of gamblers confused as to whether they are allowed to play at online casinos or not.

In Montreal, for example, online casinos have been picking up quite a bit of popularity. But, many wonder whether they are legally allowed to gamble online. So, in this article, we would like to clarify a few things, and bring up important aspects of online gambling that you need to know. 

Online Gambling in Canada

As we said before, the Canadian government has relegated any and all decisions regarding online casinos to a provincial level. That means that different provinces in Canada have a right to pass different laws in regards to online casinos. 

The law is a great way to further the online casino industry. However, it does present some issues. For example, it could lead to misconceptions and misunderstandings regarding the legality of online gambling in different provinces.

Online Gambling in Quebec

Montreal is the most populous city in Quebec. Naturally, that means it is one of the hubs for gambling in Canada, both land-based and online. But, are residents of Montreal, and Quebec in general, allowed to gamble online, legally? That is what we want to know.

The truth might be more complicated than you expect. There are no laws one way or the other that affect online gambling in Quebec. What does that mean? Well, it means that gambling at online casinos is not illegal. Residents can, in fact, visit both FIAT casinos and crypto casinos. 

For the uninitiated, crypto casinos are exactly what you’d expect; gambling websites that deal mainly in crypto. Indeed, the best crypto casinos for Canada operate mainly through Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. But, offshore accounts are not the only option for Quebec gamblers.

Quebec’s Online Casino

The Quebec province has its very own, official, online gambling website. You can visit the site and play all of your favorite games. However, there are a few stipulations that you have to follow. For example, as is the case with any and all license, legitimate, and secure online casinos, you have to be over the age of 18 to play. 

Quebec’s official website features a few casino games, as well as an option for sports betting fans. Seeing as how Canadians have a deep passion for sports, this is certainly a great option. However, for those who would like to diversify their gambling, offshore casinos are most likely the best bet. 

Offshore Casinos

We already brought up some of the best offshore casinos for Montreal players. But, it is worth delving a bit deeper into the legality of playing at offshore accounts. As we said, Quebec’s laws do not prohibit online gambling. The province even has its own, official online casino. 

These loose, grey-area laws mean that residents of Montreal, and Quebec in general, can access offshore gambling websites. For the uninitiated, “offshore casino” means an online casino is available in the country, but headquartered outside of it. 

Most Canadians attend offshore online casinos, as there aren’t very many local ones to speak of. However, there are some rules and tips that you need to bear in mind, if you are going to be gambling online. Let us take a look at what they are. 

Offshore Casino Tips

First thing is first, you always want to look for a licensed casino. Big-time organizations issue licenses that prove an online casino has been reviewed and approved. Not all licenses are worth much, however. You should be looking for ones issued by European Union member states, or Caribbean nations. They are the ones that take online gambling the most seriously, and apply the strictest rules. 

Another thing to pay attention to are the bonuses. Promotional offers are a big part of what makes online casinos popular. They grant you boosts and benefits that can help you discover new games and even get some cash prizes, totally risk-free. Don’t rely on bonuses too much though. But, definitely make sure that you take full advantage of them. 

Finally, pay close attention to terms and conditions. We understand that reading through long paragraphs of rules can get a little boring. But, it is absolutely essential. Terms and conditions detail everything from bonus conditions to wagering requirements to minimal stakes, and much more. If you are going to be playing at any online casino, reading through these rules is very important. 

Games at Offshore Casinos

Finally, we should go over all of the different games you can play at offshore casinos. Starting off with the most popular genre, slot machines. Slot games are simple, yet incredibly diverse. They come with various themes and playstyles, from Christmas games, to get you into the spirit of the season, to Fantasy and Science Fiction, and even more. 

Their popularity comes from their simplicity. And speaking of simplicity, we should also look at roulette. Live roulette is especially popular. A living dealer streams the game to an audience in the chat, who make bets and play along. Much like slots, roulette is a simple game to learn, as it requires little in the way of strategy and skill. 

Finally, blackjack is, by far, the most popular card game in the gambling world. For good reason too, as blackjack has the best player odds out of any other casino game. Whereas most games have a house edge of, at least 5%, blackjack’s is only 2%, if not lower. You can understand why the game is such a big hit. 

Concluding Thoughts

Online casinos are a growing market. Every year, they become more and more popular, and generate more and more money. In Canada, online casinos are now more popular than ever. We hope that any residents of Montreal who want to play their favorite games will get something out of this article, and learn more about the iGaming industry.